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Visit the land of Bible, land of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the birth place of Lord Jesus Christ.

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  • This was the best journey we ever set our on. We had a wonderful time with amazing people in a beautiful country. Our heartfelt gratitude to Mr and Mrs Rathore for being so patient and for guiding us spiritually. Through this trip we were able to gain immense knowledge about the Holy Land, the people living there and about Lord Jesus Christ. This journey brought about great spiritual upliftment in our lives and have made us renew our Walk with the Lord.

    -- Ayao Kasar and Daiyairi Muivah, Walk with Jesus XV
  • “Walk with Jesus Tour”: …The Trip was very good Spiritually and Biblically. I like the devotional Bible studies throughout the tour. It was not just the pilgrimage tour but also Bible Tour. It has helped me to understand Bible clearly and my preaching and understanding of the Word of God will improve.

    Me and my wife were also blessed with the fellowship of  believers with the tour.

    -- Rev Devender Kumar Verma, Walk with Jesus XV
  • Dear brother and sister in Christ

    Sending you our loving greetings to you both in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We will never forget our time with you in the Holy Land thru Fellowship Travel and Tours. You were so much caring and loving and we were all very safe in your excellent Leadership. We love you and promise to pray for your tireless ministry.  You are doing wonderful ministry and pray for you always.

    We are trying to get more candidates for you and hope many will join in near future. Fellowship travel and tours is the best, I don’t think any body is better than you my brother and sister. You two are really super and God is using you powerfully. God bless!

    Rev.Ps. Joseph Chhetri

    Evangelical Bethel Church, Dalsingpara 735208 ALIPURDUR WB.

    -- Rev.Ps. Joseph Chhetri, Walk with Jesus XV
  • Dear Rathore Saab; Madam Asha and Mr. Vikram

    It was wonderful trip to Israel. I had different concept in my mind of the place but after visiting the place, I found it completely different. I also felt that my knowledge of Bible is insufficient. What I know about Jesus is nothing and I need a thorough study. I also realized that if one is very converse with bible and all the incidences, visiting Israel will be fruitful and easier to understand and relate things.

    Whatever I heard from my friend Dr. Tigi Vergis many years back (on my inquiry on Israel country) about M/S Fellowship Tours and Travels, I found all true. Your company is really doing wonderful job.

    My wife, sons, father and sister joined me in thanking you all and expressing our indebtedness for your help and all that you did for the tour.

    My sons have been insisting us to invite you to Mungpoo – a small remote place where I am posted. If you visit you will relax for some time.

    With kind regards,

    Dr. Samuel Rai M. Sc. (Ag.) Ph. D. FPLS

    -- Dr Samuel Rai, Walk with Jesus XV
  • Dear brother in Christ,

    Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, the unique God, the creator of every soul, provider and the author of our unique faith.

    First of all I would like to thank God for this great opportunity to visit the Holy land, where my Lord was born, walked , served, crucified, buried and rose again from the grave with the  promise of His 2nd coming. The tour was very well organized and everything was well arranged without any confusion it helped us to enjoy the tour with whole heartedly. Our friends and relatives are very excited to know about the experience and we are sharing with full passion and from now onward it is our mission to encourage and motivate people to visit Holy Land at least once in their life.

    We would like to congratulate Mrs. & Mr. Rathore for the successful tour. Mrs. .Dean, Mrs. Bahadur and Shivani are sending their best wishes and the hearty greetings.

    With Prayers and grateful heart.

    Rev. Stanley Das

    Moradabad. U.P.

    Dated: 18th October, 2016.

    -- Rev Stanley Das, Walk with Jesus XV

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