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  • Step 1: Preparing for the Prepared: MOUNT NEBO

    In Life human relationships are everything. The core of our being is held together by a common thread of Humanity. In our homes, at work, among friends we look for eyes that understand, hands to hold, shoulders to lean on and voices that beckon.

    Relationships are life giving blood that keep the engines of humanity running.

    It is, therefore, befitting to dedicate the commemorative issue on the completion of 20 successful “WALK WITH JESUS” Holy land Tours to YOU, because YOU made this milestone possible.

    The family of Fellowship Travel & Tours grew with each journey, it took with you to the Holy Land. We feel privileged to share a few steps of this journey with you to mark the milestone this blessed Lenten Season 2019

    The land of milk and honey has endured the faith. If you haven’t tasted the goodness yet, come join us on this thrilling journey which will change the course of your life, forever.

    We enjoyed putting this special edition together…we hope you enjoy reading it too during the Lent!

    Step 1: Preparing for the Prepared: MOUNT NEBO

    Valleys and Peaks are part of every believer’s life. Each time you find yourself in the “valley” just look up. The valleys draw you closer to His faithfulness and the peaks offer the opportunity to count His grace. God has kept a promised land ready for you. Are you ready to cross over or are you still wandering in the wilderness?

    Keep trusting, Keep Moving and Keep Hoping – HE will provide.

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