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    The capital of Egypt, with a population approaching 20 million people, The metropolitan city is the largest in the Middle East and the Arab world, and the 15th-largest in the world. Cairo is associated with ancient Egypt, where the Great pyramids of Giza and the ancient city of Memphis exist. On the Nile river, Cairo is famous for its own history, preserved in the fabulous medieval Islamic city and Coptic sites in Old Cairo. Though firmly attached to the past, Cairo is also home to a vibrant modern society.

    Cairo’s must-see places include:

    Pyramids & Sphinx: One of the Seven Wonders of the World! The 5000-year old necropolis were built for kings of IV Dynasty, and guarded by the Great Sphinx with the head of a pharaoh and a lion’s body

    The Egyptian Museum with its largest and rare collection of 5000 year of Egyptian antiquities and precious art in the world. Over 250,000 artifacts from the Pharaonic period were featured, including an exhibit dedicated to Tutankhamen collection of treasures.


    Salah El Din Citadel: Constructed by Salah El Din to defend Cairo from the armies of Crusaders. Inside the castle’s walls, lies Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque.

    Khan El Khalili Bazaars: Located in the heart of Islamic Cairo, this busy and colorful open-air bazaar is filled with unique and exotic items from spices and perfumes to jewelry and souvenirs.



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