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  • No one can ignore the cross.

    Although Lord Jesus has not written any book, article or paper during His earthly ministry. Yet there is no library or book stall in this world where the name of Jesus is not found.

    During the present time of crisis when the world is fighting the Pandemic, many precautions have been advised: Like washing of Hands.

    The Economic Times, New Delhi of 16th March 2020 has published a picture of a painting of 1650 AD by Mathias Stom. Pontius Pilate (Pilatus) washing his hands after sentencing Christ to death.

    The birth, death, burial and resurrection of Lord Jesus is not only the matter of religion or faith but a historical fact. Jesus Christ walked in the history of mankind. Max Lucado in his book “No Wonder, they call Him saviour” has written: One can embrace the cross or defy the cross but one cannot IGNORE the cross. That is the one option that the cross does not offer. No one can ignore the cross.

    How true it is even after 2020 years.

    Post by Jaswant Singh Rathore on March 28, 2020 Anno Domini (In the year of the Lord)

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