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We are travel and tour operator only. We do not control or operate any airline, neither do we own or control any car rental company, coach company, hotel, cruise liner, apartment, transport or any other facility or service mentioned in the quotation or included in the package.

We take utmost care in selecting each and every ingredient in your travel & tour; but because we select and some cases inspect them but have no control in running them, we cannot be responsible for any delay, improper services provided by any of our supplier, airline, car rental company, cruise liner, coach company, hotel, apartment, transport or any other facility or service, for any injury, death, loss or damage which is caused by the act or default of the management or employees of any airlines, car rental company, hoteliers, coach company, apartment company or and any other supplier who are company’s independent contractor arising outside our normal selection or inspection process.

We are also not responsible for the delay or deficiency in services provided by a tour operator, airlines, car Rental Company, cruise liner, Coach Company, apartment, hotels, and any provider of services. All customers / agents are strongly advised to do their own diligence before booking any of the services provided by Fellowship Travel and Tours.

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