Israel – The Promised Land, is the country on this earth where our Lord Jesus Christ was born, He walked on the terrain of Israel, prayed, lived, crucified, buried and rose up and ascended into heaven on this very land.

It is Israel where exists till today the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed, the Mountain of Temptation where He was taken by the Devil, Bethlehem where He was born and Golgotha where He was crucified.

Calcutta has become Kolkata, Bombay has become Mumbai, Madras has become Chennai but Jerusalem was Jerusalem and remains to be Jerusalem, Bethlehem is Bethlehem, Judea is Judea and Caesarea is Caesarea. Like our Lord Jesus remain the same yesterday today and forever, His promised land to the children of Israel exists and remains the land flowing with milk and honey till date.

A Pilgrimage to Israel and Jordan is not just a matter of sightseeing but also a one time opportunity for personal rediscovery of the living faith! This is an exceptional experience that can be shared with friends, family, children and grand children. An Exciting Journey awaits you!

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