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  • Mrs Anita Morris

    Walk with Jesus Tour – XVII”: (23rd Sep – 2nd Oct 2017)

    I dont have enough words to praise Mr. Rathore and Mrs. Asha Rathore, who are doing this noble work to realise the dreams of many people. The most adorable part is, that the couple take the trip as a mission, where they provide the best to fellow tourists…in every manner, whether you say its about hotels, about tourist buses, or food or places to be seen, they attend each and everyone in the group religiously and there is not a single moment when anyone miss anybody back home, they play the role of mentors very efficiently..I never knew Bible the way Mr. Rathore, whom I call bhaiya, explains and gives every minute details in such a way that I memorised many things and the Holy Book became more vivid and clear to me.They are so energetic and full of positive energy that one gets immense inspiration in their company and guidance. God bless the couple and keep them in good health with blessings of long life  so that they could be torch bearers for many more years to come. Amen.

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