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  • Walk with Jesus XVII

    Dear Mr and Mrs Rathore,

    Greetings to you both in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ from my group of Super 6 who traveled along with you in ” Walk with Jesus XVII”.

    When you receive this e-mail we all will be back in our home and in our comfort zone, slowly the memory will fizz out. We human carry a good habit of not giving enough thanks to any one whether it is Lord or human. Thus I want to take enough time while I am traveling back home to thank you and Lord before I get in the rat race again.

    I take this opportunity to thank you and your team on behalf of my group from bottom of our hearts for a memorable trip. In fact I am wrong in stating that it is a trip but it is a part of our life we privileged to have spent in the land where Jesus lived and ministered.

    No word of gratitude can comprehend the effort, energy and passion you have put in to organize the travel but still we want to thank you. The arrangements were spectacular and the clear indicator that it is not the profit margin which drive you but truly the passion of Christ is.

    There are too many tour operators in market who organizes tour to the Promise Land, even if they do not have the experience they would like to do it because of the profit margins associated it. In fact like any other shortlisting I have contacted 5 tour operators before finalizing the Fellowship for our Journey, which I must say that one of the best decision we took.

    The best part of the journey was the Devotion sessions. Without Devotion Session the Journey was futile. Devotion sessions was the foundation of the entire journey and made the Word alive and more meaning full.

    Me and Apurva traveled with our Mummy (Mrs Usha Ravi Dukalu) who was our Sunday school teacher so it was our pleasure to walk and experience the land of Jesus beside her. Since my graduation days when I first understood the history of the promise land in OT, I was longing to visit the Promise Land. I am glad that Lord has provided me and Apurva this opportunity so early in our life. I pray for His wisdom to use our experience we have gained in the promised land for the growth of His Kingdom. We had planned this journey 6 months back and I could not believe that time had just flew away but indeed with everlasting memories. Now I am sure that the maps at the end of Bible will bring more meanings to all of us.

    For me the most amusing part was walking on the 14 Stops of the Lord Jesus’s last journey to the Calvary and visiting the empty tomb at Golgata. We all cannot forget such movements.

    We all belong to a middle class family and staying in the property like Le Maridien- Cairo, Neve Illen- Jerusalem and most iconic Strand Heights- Taba, Egypt at the bank of Red Sea was unimaginable. I thank you for arranging such amusing hotels for the entire group. Tasting a different cuisine in its native land was a toast. Indeed all the arrangement has brought smiles on the faces of our parents.

    I wish the entire team of Fellowship Travels best of luck for the future endeavors.

    Let us know if we could be part of your mission in any way. Our contact details are with you and we are always reachable.

    Best Regards


    Ashish Dukalu

    Apurva Dukalu

    Mrs Usha Ravi Dukalu

    Mrs Meena Kumar

    Mr C D Claudius

    Mrs Elizabeth Claudius

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